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Size Chart




8 lbs

17-19 in

0-3 months

10 lbs

19-22 in

3-6 months

14 lbs

22-25 in

6-12 months

18 lbs

25-28 in

12-18 months

23 lbs

28-31 in

18-24 months

27 lbs

31-34 in

24-36 months

31 lbs

34-36 in

36-48 months

36 lbs

36-38 in


As all 100% cotton garments will shrink, sizing can be confusing to the consumer. Baby jay addresses this issue by sizing our garments to be true to size after normal dying and washing procedures, making them appear slightly oversized before washing. However, we strongly suggest that you order samples before placing orders for stock. It is the buyer’s responsibility to test sample garments. We do not accept sizing, styling and/or fabric-type-related returns.